If not all on Zhangming Qi letter

If not all on Zhangming Qi letter, just under cold voice asked him: “Are you one of the words only, how to make me believe?”

he laughed: “I just ordered will be listening to the facts give the empress, empress if not the letter, the minister can not force.” He paused and then said: “Let the Queen Mother had looked for the minister to discuss how to handle your thing, And then after you and the Dong although the relationship is not good, no one to irreconcilable views, the Queen Mother was thinking how to stir up your quarrel with the Board after. speaking Qi Empress to the matter also under a lot of effort You remember what things tribute? although on the surface looks like Dong looking after your trouble, but in fact, that tribute is in your hands as early as handed, had been replaced, the other to find personal notification to Dong hi, hi, this person grandiose director, did not scheming to use him fairly easy, and Qi Empress also know that you would have seen the tribute appearance, do not worry you in the design, why we have so a farce. ”

I Zhengzhu, suddenly sober: “Dong Qi rear side has been arranged with the Queen Mother’s people?”

Zhangming Qi laugh naturally: “This is inevitable, is not only Dong Queen, the palace all concubines side are seated with Qi Empress eyeliner, she is a cautious person, news network is well informed. harm given child is responsible for Jin Yu is one of them, so that you are skidding caused by the medicine, will appear in your hands. Originally started going by the minister personally say to the effectiveness of this drug you are listening, but unexpectedly Majesty after you return frontier, changed your mind, let me give up the plan, so I did not mention, but the emergence of Ting’s really surprised me is that he allows you to eventually embarked on this road, but did not want to estimate Qi Empress However, you go to the northern since, they attracted a large number of pawns to follow, Han Wang forces much larger, earlier than her piece on the disc, so now would be so troubled, under house arrest in here that you would like to you to threats, at least not let Han Wang act rashly, but contrary to her unexpected, Han Wang does not seem to care so much about your situation, would easily launched a rebellion, so …… “His voice Shen Shen, and then fell down in on the ground, no longer speak.

room suddenly quieted down, just outside the rain all the more clear, if close if off, like a roll of millions of demons and monsters. Candle dancing in the rain, pulling the TV drama two shadow Changzhangduanduan.

seems to have been cold Ningzhu any anger, but also seems to have been all cold darkness swallowed.

I finally said: “You do the next for Qi Empress these things …… what is for what.”

“initial founding of large capacity, the foundation of instability, but permanent contact with the adjacent wood Chak two powers, in order to protect themselves certainly hope that the two countries began to disorder from the inside up. Qi king and queen thought provoking Han Dong’s hatred, and reap profits by while Han Wang Yong and control of the network most of the military power, both of whom fight, no matter who the final victory will be on the network forever devastated the IMF, in my standpoint, natural hope this will happen, so it is all a matter of course. ”

“so that you provoke me wrong, whether it is home starts against Sarkozy wants Chinese Empress?”

This is not double back sneer: “Do you think you are now instigate the relationship with the Queen Mother, what is the use? another six hour, Han Wang rebel news will spread to the palace, to the time you have energy think about your relationship with Qi Empress Why? ”

I am silent, it does not double every word is true, up to now, everything becomes pale and weak arguments.

“Why did you say to me …… Why are these.” clinging to the body under the quilt, with silk broken voice.

“Why ……” covered his eyes turn into vapor blurred. “I do not know why.” He slowly near my bed, when I had a chance to react, had me Hengbao in the arms.

“I just want you to come with me.” spoke to Wang Menwai.

me a few are called out: “You let me go.”

“let you go?” he fine lips, revealing a contemptuous smile, “You have not given up on it here? your relatives have abandoned you, that the emperor’s mother to kill your child, you have no reason To leave? ”

him so, like thousands of needle piercing my chest straight, needle with blood.

I was silent, then a flash of God on the effort, he has held me to the door. But suddenly stopped.

not because I struggle, but not because given child cries behind, but because suddenly appeared in front of that figure.

“Let her go.” familiar tone, familiar voice, just a little freezing cold, lost warmth.

I stared looked up, only to see a water sword, is not against the double throat.

“sub-huang!” out loud, but he did not look at me, just do not watch intently straight double, and simply said: “Let her go.”

not double start is somewhat unexpected shocked, he looked up and down the Fan sub Huang Ming Huang robes, his throat was uttered a chuckle, “When I was who, it’s you ah.”

“I did not expect, large capacity in the country’s monarch will appear after my palace.”

not double indifference: “bored a long time, walk around is also good.”

“If Your Majesty like our customs, since I will be exceedingly entertaining, but if it is OK this is not a matter of speed, fear that they will disgrace the rustic country style.” sub-huang sword colder, reveals a share stern coldness.

double laugh without provocation: “What if I have chosen to do so?”

son Huang half a step forward: “No wonder, then my sword on ruthless.”

At this point I have lost the ability to think, just staring at a pair of eyes looking at the two men. Huang has been a month did not see the child, but do not want to be reunited in this case.

I was with him, fear is never going to meet the early time.

trance over and over again does not pair said: “You have the ability to make me let her what.”

son Huang said: “can take her, and never will be you.”

two of the atmosphere suddenly tense up, I can not help, the DPRK did not pair roared out: “You bastard, you Kuaifang Kai me!” mauled and beat me, but he does not move move, finally helpless, took out a dagger from his waist, Xiangyebuxiang tattooed on his shoulder toward down.

hear the sound of blood flowing.

man’s body trembled a bit, but still did not put me release.

bright red blood like broken beads sprinkled on my face, I’m holding a dagger, ready to cry.

“Count me ask you …… Please, let me go.”

Then he carefully put me, the moment his dark eyes flashed a hint of a loss, after passing a flash is bleak ridicule.

“…… it seems worth mentioning here is the most superfluous man, is my son.”

deep wound in his chest, gurgling Bay with blood. Uninhibited already pale face. For the first time, do not double my mind this man, resulting in a kind of inexplicable emotion.

deep hate, but With a touch of sadness.

complex that is not clear.

he walked out, crossed the threshold of some waddled, staggered steps.

behind Zhangming Qi quickly got up to help him up, but he waved stopped. Did not look back, his back and laughed.

ceasing his laughter echoed in my ear, filled the rain, strange weather.

so cold, I watched him leave ……

children in the house fixed intermittent pharyngeal weep, she saw no pair disappeared from view before Asako huang line ceremony, and then got up and went out and shut the door.

one time only two of us, but can not find a common topic.

his sword away, hands a football, I will be a wonderful reflection of the couch: “You have pregnant, to carefully take care of themselves.” then shook Jinbei, sitting in my sides.

between the nose immediately welled up in his breath: “how do you know he was here.” did not want him to leave, it had to find a topic.

he replied: “Yes set children come to me.”

oh one, did not even know what to say next.

Nearly a quarter of an hour

Nearly a quarter of an hour, the only ting from the inside out, put cream handed me, smiled and said: “Marshal hands of the baby can be really, too.”

I was holding the cup playing, “is not it?”

“是 ah.” Ting’s to the mood, sitting next to me and said: “say that horse, and I see all my life, have been a way as you did not see the horse.”

I reached knock on his skull: “You just how much ah.”

he rubbed, hey smile: “I just brains, really ten thousand, one million could not find it stronger than him and I had seen in a large container country, but happy for a few days yet. ”

“you like so much, and I sent him hello bad?”

“bad bad, you should know ah Marshal, that only pack horse king was angry, and if received by ordinary people, will move disaster.”

“which so superstitious.”

“is really it! There You can of drugs, but the healing of the best, I stayed in the snow photo Villa for so long, and seen a lot of drugs, may have not seen better than this .. If could get out sell, certainly the value of one eighteen thousand. ”

I squeezed his nose: “Silly boy, this is a tribute herbs, how can I easily sold on the streets.”

“Oh, is this time the use of this medicine providers adults, probably not take two days they have fully recovered, you do not have to worry too much.” He looked up and looked out the window, suddenly cried: “Oh, quick noon , I want to go first, or was the old dad saw, but also reprove me a pass. “Having to jump up from the table and out, came to the door and can be folded back, gently in my ear and said:” But Marshal, this drug you still less touch as well, they should not be used lightly. ”


“hey? You do not know? This medicine can not give a woman ah, especially pregnant women.” He leans over my ear and said: “would skidding of ……”

cup fingers playing immediately froze ……

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

border under the snow for a few days.

Lantern in the past, the weather was still chill.

I sat by the fire, out of the immense sweating.

clutching live, is that the tank creams, after the pot of Dong sent around maid creams, ointments make a woman skidding.

too hard, long hair Bai Faqing joints.

So, I see. This time all understand.

thought I was suspicious, I thought it was too suspicious, thinking that I had done previously after directors, but is the subject of provocation. She had no thought scheming, but jealousy too quickly, but now it seems far more than her scheming heavy, is simply extremely vicious.

rod responsibility given her children, is my goal from the beginning.

given child relationship and I do know that everyone palace, because if she hurt me, I will never make sense never mind. So it will come into contact with cans cream, which obliterated all my expectations cans and happiness creams ……

body suddenly felt cold, Joseph called flutter, and then there is the sound of snow.

“under the snow outside and up, so do not know when to go back.” sub-huang towards the house, take off the coat, standing outside the gallery impact snowflakes.

“but probably also the past few days, I see your body are nursed back to health, for we go back, just like his mother said Court to allow you to move the water, this time built a great service, like his mother would not refuse. You say good or bad. ”

has helped his hand on my shoulder.

warm, but hot people.

I hurried to that creams Conspire hidden in the sleeve, and said: “You say, OK, fine.”

sorting clothes that turn in the past, and said: “Almost a year, you get out of there.”

nodded: “ah ……”

He said: “Water Court has expanded a few houses, I want to make our children’s den, you go back after some busy, to take a look, to plan what should be placed.”

“our children?”

“Yes ah, our children. Did not you say what you want a child, in future we will sit safely live, watching our children grow up, okay?”

looking back at him, his face full of all happy dream.

I was hanging his head, after a long time it just said: “This ah ……”

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ 7

days yet light.

sub-huang sleep peacefully, jade-like face on a serene.

I got up, dressed, dark Court from the dresser and pulled out a thing into the sleeve lining.

turn around and look to the couch man, and my heart Jiutong, severely bitten lip, rushed out of the yard.

sorry son Huang, I really can not be reconciled, I just want to do something for our children, so you do not blame me.

last night a heavy snow, the snow did not enter the ankle, cold sting.

north wind blows, touch on my cloak fluttering sound. Discharge door, turn left, turn right, and then again, business volume accommodation.

inside the dark, and night mixed.

buckle hit the door rings, Mengen.

door was serve content providers sergeant, I was shocked to see that I can not take into account so many straight asked: “Manufacturers adults do not get up?”

“No, you Come on, I’ll give you told them.”

little while, business volume up, because the injury is not good, can only lie in bed, I turned my screen, biting his lower lip at him.

I think I must have looked very strange, because the content providers face full of astonishment.

After a long time, he was a little uneasy asked me: “Marshal, you is ……”

I also can not say anything, just plop, give him kneeling down ……

Chapter 51
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my mind already made up his mind that it is also not a cent of hesitation: “I want you to help me Doukua Dong.”

words finished, Shang Yung obviously a stiff body, he let go of my hand leaning on his face incredible.

sipping my lower lip, lower Fuseshita the body towards him: “I know your relationship with Dong, but now I trust the most, it was only you, I want you, no, I beg you to help me. ”

house suddenly become exceptionally quiet, has yet to dawn, how it drives not open candle darkness.

I slightly looked up and saw that the orange-red light in the face of business volume jumps, changing out of one thousand kinds of look.

He stared at me, and confusion, there is surprised, but eventually, they turned a cry ditan.

“Marshal, you are always in the hearts of Robinson have to play tough woman minister admiration to you, so you must keep some words you speak, and now Dong considerable forces, plate sticks wrong section penetrate inside and outside the court, you want to completely get rid of They would certainly shake the country did so now, no matter the emperor or empress Sarkozy, have taken a wait and see attitude maneuvers, but this time with your tone, Shu Chen speculate, it seems that with Dong suddenly had hatred, in addition to eradicated That minister can not be ventured to ask, what is the reason, so you have to overnight so? Also, what you want the minister to help you? ”

I bowed his head, listening to his heart, so strong voice and kept crashed into the eardrum.

“in the temple on top, I really is second only after Defei directors on the battlefield is commanding Qianjun Marshal, this capacity can not help my weakness, but you should also understand that I have also a mother, I has also had a dream of the future, but everything was destroyed …… the woman killed my child, I can not when this thing never happened, really can not …… ”

nose somewhat sour, but can not wipe the tears that rolled down soon.

bow pulled out from a piece of bamboo sleeves, handed the hands of content providers, said: “This is my big container country, never double-ting of the study in the stolen, which is obviously the palace spies with no evidence of double exchange, so the business volume, I want you to help me do it, help me …… ”

lips moved, unspeakable.

Chu Yung If voice suddenly soft down

“How do you make the Greek Yan do such things, how he would do it, how the hand ……” pharynx weeping, tears fall.

“because under the hand ah ……”

Chu Yung If voice suddenly soft down. He relaxed his hold my hand, gently point on my brow. ‘And that is not under the hand, he abandoned the snow according to Hill, could not do it because, as he fell to the end. Obviously been unable to help themselves, and they also stubborn save you, you say such a person, silly not stupid …… ”

Zhengzhu, choking, do not know how to answer.

he suddenly said to me: “You probably do not know, is the Greek sentence of Yan soon.”

moment did not react, after a moment before Daileng moist eyes widened, widened.

“What did you say?”

“He ignored their task, seeking refuge with the permanent contact the court, bad rules in the snow, according to Hill, the betrayer only one end is death. tonight I went to the prison sentence was, thought it met you, but By this time, he probably already …… ”

“do you really want to do!” I can not control their emotions, suddenly shouted out. He knocked hard on my forehead hand, regardless of whether out rushed out.

how things turned out, how he wants to now actually be sentence?

can leg just taken a threshold, if the capacity of academics behind and said: “Do not worry, I lie to you.”

action immediately froze, ears to hear it almost sounds plaster cracks.

looking back at him, his face still looks like seriousness, raised his hand and pointed to my feet, cautioned: “Beware of the threshold.”

my body has been stiff Ban Zhancha of effort to come back to life children. Still can not believe the question: “Did you just say, you lie to me?”

He nodded: “including the assignment of tasks, including the assassination of the Greek Yan are lying to you.” is actually kind of taken for granted.

I can not wait to beat up his meal pounced. This is how people could get this kind of thing you pulling my leg? Stared at him: “This joke is not funny.”

he was like foxes, Mimi focus.

“If I say that all this is happening in the future, you will not believe?”

“in the future?”

“Yes.” He waved at me, so I sat on a chair in front of him, continued: “Xi Yan Lu Qing, who with the effort, all I teach, we grew up together, for their personality, I know, but again .. So two years ago, I heard the guy suddenly say want brigands, and it is shocked, careful inquiry, to know he was trying to build a career, a good to marry a woman and you should understand that his heart right, that person, once seriously, that is life, but unfortunately doomed …… you can not be together. ”

destined not together.

this I would have understood.

sitting in a chair, head down, eyes wandering on the floor.

Chu Yung if they said: “Xi Yan did you follow me to the killer, I taught him a deeper level of effort, but the killer also has its own rules, it is not something to do with the court of any relationship, especially snow according Hills Killer. ”

my face confused, he explained: “Let me tell you, Snow Hill is a wooden flooding forces, according to the biggest killer organization, we can even have the strength to overthrow the regime, but because it is has such great power, that Zhuangzhu Yue cool before warning its new owner, never allow any collusion with the court, otherwise it will most likely provoke a fight chaos, prompting widespread poverty, while being a permanent contact with the Greek Yan Fei country you have so hobbled, has violated this rule, though nothing looks today, but someday he will be allowed to protect you betray snow according to Hill, the only time he tried to get it, you can understand it? ”

“Paul allowed to betray it ……” head still bowed, because I do not know what kind of position lift. Chu Yung If then I do not understand why would they leave the Greek Yan, could not be better for him, but for me …… it would be a good thing …… it …… at least he will leave me, you do not have to be as depressed I’ve also …… have a sub-huang.

nodded his head: “I understand.”

“I let you live in the snow photo Hills purpose?”

“let me persuade Xi Yan here, did not you?”

“…… so that both of you are good.”

little silence.

he rubbed my hair, so soft action reminds me of my brother.

been a long time without family feeling.

he said to me: “In fact, there was a woman crying for themselves, for their own anger, it is a rare thing in this life Xi Yan, also considered a no regrets.”

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ 7

at Chu Yung if sitting here a long time, finally pulled the wipe smile.

look up at the outside, the East has slightly pale. That night finally over.

turned and told him: “I want to go back.”

He nodded, letting me wait a moment.

then summoned Dongmei, slipped out of the inner chamber to help me clothes, exposing the back.

“ting of this child no sense of proportion, with the needles in your body is able to fulfill the task afraid you disappeared. Basically it did not much harm for the body, you can rest assured, I’ll get off after about one day be able to recuperate up. ”

“Then you are not afraid of me escape it?”

“not afraid.”


He smiled: “Because I am your most powerful people have seen.”

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

tonight night water, such as silver moonlight.

four are speckled with sticky chill.

walked tall in the yard, the leaves have begun falling. Nobody cleaned, it paved a thin layer.

hand touch on that door, there are faint candlelight, gently meandering sheen.

hesitated for a long time, the end is his mind, forced open.

he really startled, looked at me like that.

I’m carrying a food containers, which is the memory of his favorite things. Open in front of him and whispered: “Let me chor come see you, to bring you something to eat.”

picked up from inside a sweet-scented osmanthus cake, caught in his mouth. His hands were locked chains, was a large pillar-shaped hanging in the middle of two, can not move, I’ll feed him.

He looked at me for a long time, only moved his throat, but can not speak, his head down that pie swallowed belly. Then said: “You do what?”

nodded: “ah.”

“taste the same as before, without the slightest step backward.” He smiled, pretending that hearty.

I think I have to talk to him to say.

“Xi Yan.” him. His mouth was full of eating, some ambiguity: “What?”

“I want to tell you a story, you do not talk, just listen carefully enough, okay?”

chewing movements he paused before nodding.

asked him: “Do you believe past lives?”


little surprised: “Why?”

He slightly biased too far, smile.

today can not see her. The increase is

today can not see her. The increase is only some chamberlain ladies, go Trench Palace stand.

at noon, suddenly received the spies return, the man did indeed come up.

just entered kun given city, not with followers, did not take his brothers. And Wyatt live in the inn, and the word Three room.

sent Dinglao, orders down slightly if his action, immediately arrest.

that person is armed with eight hundred thousand people who camp, and there is no room for error are potentially lethal.

but I’m not afraid of him this time and again to break into, because we still have a grudge no end. Secret agents once told me that he and Ping Lan thing, so I can not lose this time.

anyone to make her escape from my world, unless I die.

This is my stubbornness.

May 27, the rain finally stopped. Sky swept past Yin Hui, blue glass-like clear.

palace hundred sing, beaming.

Trench palace become more end is a different kind of colors.

Red is a festive, gold is a stately, purple is honorable.

be reflected in her face pale and still, even with rouge cover.

Originally, I should not have this, but you are afraid something I can not grasp the occurrence things personally to greet.

will hand on her waist, soft, warm across the cloth revealing shares.

go out into his arms involuntary closing of the closing, but she looked up, their eyes a stinging coldness.

that moment my heart suddenly tightened, without warning.

looked at her hand did not know how to put down.
With silk
so unspeakable apprehension, she left the band Trench Palace.

first to worship the gods, Sanguijiukou, then yes ancestors, then yes Five boat, because the book is her chaise, I have no queen, therefore I have to accept the Baiguan Asaga outside the palace.

set to do down, etiquette tedious and cumbersome her some kind, physical nor economic, quickly showing a weakness.

I stole blank asked her if she was tired, she thought I was, what sinister thoughts, his eyes full of preparedness.

also had to give up.

Minister moving a full house full of kneeling, the chamberlain hand canonized her Enzhi are planning to read, just now there are spies return, the man hovering just outside the palace, the palace did not approach.

looks smooth incredible.

decree read on this road as long as she is mine.

soon yes.

has come to this moment, how can I make the accident?

but accidents always come out of nowhere like weeds, there’s no warning.

Dianwai suddenly filled with commotion, then that is the chamberlain’s hurried.

start sound far, not much, but just blink of an eye to the front.

“how is it!” I thundered outside people come in, kneel down and said: “Intrinsic Majesty, broke out of a horse coming!”

how it is a horse! Heart surprised, and not think, just feel a gust of wind blowing through the ear, the flow of snow in general. There is only a hint of Nama her unique taste.

subconsciously turned around and will pay close attention, there were only one air. Then looked up, she had been carrying a dress and ran out all the way.

the floor kneel minister, no one would dare move, just looking at her astonishment left of the figure.

I opened my mouth shouted: “Seize her!” Those people face is still Daileng.

himself altogether out of the final chase.

forced out of the heat wave surging over my body like flooding.

How could she leave? This is my place, just outside the towering walls of the palace, how she spared out?

watched her out of the house toward the door, the square has long been a mess before the house, in the middle is a black horse horse, moving toward her side, the approaching front.

I am anxious, feeding: “Anyway, I gave her stopped!”
That scared
guards busy hands, but her skill was extremely sensitive, the shuttle has come to a few in the middle of chaos. Then Chezhu bridle homeopathic area, just a turn sitting on horseback.

winds, her temples with hair fluttering, slightly blocking the face.

but I still see her eyes burst out of hatred.

like a fiery red.

immediately Zhengzhu.

guards swarmed gradually surrounded her, but also blocking my sight. I can not see her, who was able to hear the sound of fighting – farther away from me.

she pair of eye, still remain in my mind, it seems to fade away this time.

I think I actually did what, in exchange for her so hate. Or what she had done, so I have to leave ……

quickly deploy manpower, stopped her path.

guards on the square, more and more chaos. Her movement was slowed down, but that the horse has no illusions looked up front could not scream, actually began to stampede guards.

an injured countless times. Many guards retreated down.

encirclement and opened a gap, she rode away.

far I only see the back of her horse.

guards surging, immediately ordered the closure of the gates, but the gates came news of the destruction of the door shaft. Ordered the horse chase, academics guide said: intrauterine horses lying all the slots.

This time understood that she premeditated.

Baiguan worship ceremony is in close proximity to the hall where ectopic conducted, with only three out of the palace, she rode the horse out, is not easy?

I always thought he was outside the control of the movements of the man, she would not have a chance. Did not think that those who have already entered into my court.

difficult to suppress anger, lifted the robe, tore dragon crown, on the side of Baiguan shouted: “Dingkun city immediately prohibited, if who let her out, they put up see!”

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

she did break the palace.

be assembled guards the city curfew, we have someone to report, there are fresh horses out of town earlier in the door, because holding my jade tablets, so no one would dare stopped.

I then remembered that the day before yesterday after returning from her, waist jade disappeared. The thought that his failure to get the effect, but do not want to actually be her away.

about her Yishuai is intentional.

because she has such a reckoning.

China Ping Lan ……

for a horse, chase out of town, I’d know her horse, Western tribute BMW, fire tiger ride took off when she was thousands of miles STEED, unusual horses chase it simply is not on.

but I do have to grasp.

because not far away, she did make life difficult for the natural moat.

Ursel river, positive season, Peng Pai river inside, flanked Duanbi gaoya, fireworks previously issued under strictly prohibit any person from traffic. That even if she has flying ability, but also be a cross, however.

I would not let her escape.

horse line a moment later, I heard ursolic river raging waves.

go any further, we see the same knifed deep valleys. In the river looking for a moment, and she saw her.

crimson shadow.

like a flame.

original horse has disappeared, only one person herself, body jewelry some scattered gems streamer fly.

looking ursolic Peng Pai river, not into, nor refundable. Run-flat complexion, sun falling on the top, a few white color to be transparent.

I dismounted slowly close, afraid to disturb her. At this point she is like vain phantom, it seems a little harder, we should disappear.

she seemed to have expected my arrival, on the way back, looked at me. Eyes you have not the kind of deep-seated hatred, just a calm, relief-like smile.

she did laugh.

eyebrows curved, crescent general.

She said: “I would never belong to myself.”

then slowly to the back, behind her is one hundred meters deep ravines, is surging rivers.

up my mind suddenly frightened.

hand, mad to grab her, but not too late.

she was on the way, jump and jumped down

Brought together, and fragmented, look unclear

Brought together, and fragmented, look unclear. They say people will think of many things before his death. Strange but true, what I actually do not want it.
always felt a lot of heavy, difficult to bear the grief of the backlog up, breathless.

tent seems to flow surging, the foot of the bed with the lights suddenly flicker.
tall body blocking the light, hold down the hill side of my world.
his hand into my waist side, forced a push put me in the arms.

which under clear it. The taste is not familiar with, the body is not familiar with. Naturally exclusion.
struggled a few times, and remembered what his mouth was vague.
and that person’s arms like a cramp in general, keeping me confined to live.

then is a wet lips.
something was stuffed into his mouth to keep pressing forward. Swallow, do not know what is.
only hear the laughter of the head, a nightmare.
“you will eventually escape ……”

severe pain after a head on, as if to split. Theosophy also began to become clear, is a mixed black eyes immediately.
woke up, shaking off-balance has been dawn penetration, set off from outside the window shines into some glare. Raised his hand to block, only to find his body is already active.

amazing sat up, shook hands firmly, and not the kind of powerlessness previously, but the chest, head, nor the kind of pain in the past.
Am I good?
remembered some vague memories of yesterday, thought of that figure, the whole body could not help but is shocked. Then curtain was suddenly provoked, into a people.
screen only after rough outline, but the body is aware of who is on involuntary tense up.
he steps bypassing the screen, standing in front of me. Hugs in the chest, his face still Nama Ruoyouruowu with a sort of ironic laughter.
“woke up it?”
I strongly pressing the hearts of Peng Pai, teeth, looked away.
He did not move, just sneer, then sank bed, sat up, looked me up and down, tut send praise. “Last time rush one another, for several months, not holy man was actually a lot of haggard.”
felt his words like a pot of hot coals, full flutter in my face burning. Over and over again he said: “But we want a later date, Shengseng their homes, I am afraid that some of the haggard.”
“Why should you be here with me so much nonsense, since I’ve landed in your hands, how are you on with it.”
“With me how?” he disdain croon, but grin, slowly close to me, just another face from my hair is separated.
“I’d really want to put how are you.” After saying my body suddenly forced one click, then turned to go to bed put me under pressure in the body. His hand Gouzhuo my chin, teasingly: “I heard that you are forever Aifei network monarch, he does not care for you even country, is not it?”
mind some slightly annoyed Italy, staring at him: “Son Huang benevolent loving, than if you frequently launched violent war, better than too much.”
“good too? then it would not. think you should be heard last frontier of the message, you that good emperor, has now become weak mouth people no country can a woman to buy a peaceful incompetent . ”
I listened could not help but surprised: “What do you mean?”
his pair of phoenix eye squint slightly, evil laugh: “That means that you emperor in order to preserve their own country, has sent you to me.”
“nonsense!” I nuji, bayan would beat him, but that he had one catch for me tune laughed: “This way you quite filling medicine, how also can not change this shrewish temper. Yesterday, I really should not want for you detoxify, to be honest I prefer to see you lying there not move looks like. ”
I ran out of strength like detachment from his hands open, can poison the body just solution, only a couple will be moving out of a sweating, shortness of breath and Jiaochuan again and again.
but his eyes are suddenly perked up one desires, dark eyes gleaming and shiny, like most of the kind of excitement that will be prey raptor, my mind could not help trembling Joseph, the body began to shake again.
“Let go of me! ‘last fight, he was severely broken:” You made no hope! ”

namely Ming sky, in addition to plunder nothing.
overbearing kiss on my neck and began intensive fall, I cry, but he blocked, Alice open lips and teeth, sexually explicit. I escape, but he squeezed my chin, forcing me to meet. That is a few suffocating shame. Not as good as dead.
his hand on my waist walk, tear up the clothes, coming into the underwear, I do not even have the strength to resist.
And just when I’m about to despair, suddenly someone provoked tents rushed.
several pairs toward the outside at the same time without thundered: “Which is not long eye stupid thing!”
that people seem to be deterred, and after a long while before thump knees. Voice trembling: “back, back to His Majesty, yes, yes a horse broke into the big camp here.”
“horse?” His brow wrinkled up tightly, “a horse and let me tell you how to dispose of it! keep you these idiots are doing!”
screen live outside the man bowed: “Your Majesty mercy, is under the incompetent, but that Matthew worse, will bite, chew our heads like eating watermelon like, many people have been hurt by it to , which is now coming to Jun Zhang, why they broke into Qibing Majesty, what to do. ”

will bite? I listened to was surprised a moment, this world could be so powerful horses in addition to a dark and stormy who will? Thought here, but also gave physical condition, a non-dual pushed down on staggered out.
time has started to become off-balance disturbances up, I try to fight air, ran down the door, setting off drapery, to see the outside glow under a black horse came, the wind dancing horsehair, was Rays dyed of a blood red. Pray God that Road generals like scenery gradually promoting let me breathe, hands outstretched, to greet it, it would have found me, scream broke everything was bolted to me until I was stopped in front of a step, and then he plunged headlong into my arms, cheerful snapping nose.
can touch my tears but in the moment of its mane, flowing down.
“I have been so, and you then why bother to cage abruptly break it?” silently tell it, it do not understand, just pawing front, full of all the joy of seeing me.
I hugged its neck, the tears hidden in there. Heart also understand that this joy, I’m afraid that this life was not to be.

back, glanced not double, he said simply: “Imagine this beast can catch up here.” then walk out. There Junzu after the collar over the given child, began to prepare to tell me, at noon would the city.
then I also know that in front of the city is the capital of the country large capacity: San Jing Kun given city.

between perception has not come here. Looking back, long gone forever networks homeland.
Even the winds are unfamiliar.

Batu is how to chase, I do not know, but it’s the same as with the fixed children are imprisoned for my sake. But even so, we do not necessarily always meet.
unplug a hairpin from his head, to the feeding of horses servant, told him to take good care of my horse. That’s jade hairpin is excellent, and sell them for about poor people can make enough to live comfortably lifetime. But that servant hesitated a moment, refused to close, only said: “His Majesty gave orders, your everything, only one person dominate normalized Majesty, we are not.”
sigh ……

noon, the battalion finishing a lot, and into the Kun given city.
let me surprise double did not let me sit in the carriage, but let me boarded with him Panlong gilded chariot, sitting beside him.
hand was holding him tightly, unable to move. His ears are also threatening tone: “If you do not want me here to hold you, better not tamper with.”
angry stare at him, but he laughed even more joyous.
this man, never knew why the matter of shame.

team quickly set the city embarked on a main road kun, roads full of onlookers people. Dense kneeling over the floor.
so many people, Shino actually a quiet, only occasionally was a slight rise, whispered light Nom: “chariot on the country that is the permanent contact of a woman it …… for peace talks.”
later to hear, and my heart a troubled, turned to look at not double, his pale as water, half points are not exposed. Lips only occasionally, will reveal wipe indistinct smile.
my heart cold one, it seems that in some places the country forever network is tightly by his calculations to ……